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Why the felt need for STRC?

Analysis suggests that focused and uniform strategies are required to develop the capacity of TI partners to ensure the quality of intervention in order to saturate coverage of core target populations. To build the capacity of partner NGOs of the State AIDS Control Societies, NACO has developed detailed guidelines for working with core and bridge populations to ensure uniform structure in targeted intervention throughout the nation. These guidelines need to be put into action through a significant capacity building effort. To further the goals of NACP III, NACO has decided to identify competent organizations/training institutes to become ‘State Training and Resource Centers” (STRC) in all the states of India .In the year 2008, about 20 such potential STRC were selected through a fair means by calling for expression of interest.

The selection criteria for organization setting up STRC should have the following qualifications:-
  • Local presence in the state/region
  • The STRC will be selected from existing training institutes with proven track record of providing high quality training, and adequate infrastructure and experience in building the capacities of institutions/organizations/NGOs/CBOs in the social/development sector.
  • The organization must have a substantial structure to carry out series of trainings as designed by SACS/DACS and TSU in a professional manner.
  • Institutions/organizations should be committed to supporting long term capacity building for SACS and their partners.
  •  Experience in health-related research and documentation will be an added advantage
  • Experience with HIV prevention among high risk groups (through training or implementation) will also be an added advantage
  • Sensitivity towards the marginalized populations to be covered by TIs (e.g., female sex workers, MSMs)
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